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Friday Fast Five

By Benét J. Wilson

Regular members of the Digital Journalism Task Force listserv on Yahoo! Groups know that every Friday, I try and pass along 5 items of interest dealing with changes/news/tools/tricks in the industry.  I’m now moving that feature here to our new blog.  So here we go!

  1. Five Wickedly Clever Ways to Use Twitter:  I know journalists continue to debate on whether it’s worth their time to use Twitter as a tool.  I am one that does use Twitter as one of several tools to help me in my job.  This list offers other possibilities.
  2. TV Stations Start Broadcasting to Mobile Gadgets:  The New York Times has a story about the Open Mobile Video Coalition, which has completed a standard that now allows television to broadcast live on cell phones.  Yes, you can watch TV on Verizon phones, but those are just clips.
  3. How Alfred Hitchcock can make you a better storyteller:  You know I’m a BIG fan of Mark Luckie’s 10,000 Words blog, and he strikes gold again with this post.  It’s also a bonus for those of us who are Hitchcock film fans, like me.
  4. Top 30 Best Tools for Writing Online:  I am always looking for the latest tool to help me along with the writing process, and this post has some great suggestions in categories including word processing, blogging, microblogging, jotting ideas, social networking and job search.
  5. How to integrate your social media presence:  I started on Facebook and Twitter before I really thought about how I wanted to use them.   Which is why I really like the tips in this blog post from Mary Ellen Slater.
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NABJ Digital Journalism Task Force Unveils New Blog

We welcome you to the new blog for the National Association of Black Journalists’ Digital Journalism Task Force.   As technology is enhancing journalism and transforming the media landscape, journalists are  adapting and using the latest tools to let them survive and thrive. The Digital Journalism Task Force keeps NABJ members on the cutting edge as they navigate rapidly evolving newsrooms.

This blog will pass along the latest news, tips, tricks and tools to keep NABJ members ahead of the curve as our industry continues its rapid change.  We hope you will become a part of the conversation.


Andrew Humphrey, co-chair

Meteorologist/Reporter, WDIV-TV, Detroit

Benét J. Wilson, co-chair

Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week, Washington, D.C.