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Columbia seeks director for digital journalism center

By Melanie Eversley, Rewrite Reporter at  USA Today, DJTF Treasurer

The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism on Monday made official its commitment to modern journalism by announcing that it will create the Tow Center for Digital Journalism.

The school in New York City has raised $10 million as required by The Tow Foundation, which made a $5 million pledge to establish the institution.

“At a time when our profession is undergoing fundamental change, these commitments will make it possible for the Journalism School to maximize the leadership role it has played ever since Joseph Pulitzer’s establishing gift back in 1903,” a release quoted Dean Nicholas Lemann as saying.

To this end, the school is searching globally for someone to direct the new center. The director will act as a faculty member who will teach, oversee and conduct research, work with news organizations and develop new ways to deliver information.

If you are interested in applying for the director’s position, or know someone who would be, information is available here on the Columbia University website.