As technology is enhancing journalism and transforming the media landscape, journalists must adapt and use new tools in order to survive and thrive.  The Digital Journalism Task Force keeps  members of the National Association of Black Journalists on the cutting edge as they navigate rapidly evolving newsrooms.

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  1. Hey how’s it going?

    My name is Brian Jackson and caught wind of your blog via the Youngblackjournalist yahoo group. I’m currently working as a digital media reporter/producer for CSNwashington.com I saw your interview with Mike Jones and that’s crazy because I work with Mike on almost a daily basis. Wanted to support your blog and reach out with the hope we can network and help each other down the line. Talk to you soon.

    1. Brian-thanks so much for the support. We’re just trying to get as much info out as possible about the digital transformation. Anything we can do to network and help others, that’s what we’re all about. benet

  2. Hi. Have you guys been hiding this blog?! 🙂

    Saw a mention on FB today. Didn’t know this existed.

    I run the student online project at NABJ. Would love for us to be more connected. Please contact me.

    Michelle Johnson

    1. Michelle: we’ve been around since October. We are BIG fans of NABJ students. I’ll contact you about being more connected, which is a great idea. And we’re always looking for guest blog writers! 🙂

    1. Dear Joshua-thanks so much for your kind words. You understand the exact point of this blog. Tell your friends about us, and let me know if there are topics of interest you want me to cover. Thanks again!!

  3. Hi Benet’,

    Each year, our company donates 100 hrs of REVENUE-FOCUSED consulting to up-n-coming bloggers, and hyper-local news sites. It’s our way of giving back to the Journalism community.

    If NABJDigital is interested in having one of our consultants help with sales & revenue issues, at no charge, please contact our office before 10.11.2010.

    Take care and continued success!

    Mel Taylor

  4. Great source of information. My company Noir Woman Ad Network , is very much involved on the cutting edge in digital media.

    We are the only African American female vertical advertising network online. Also African American female owned.
    We own our technology platform and have a great group of publishing partners working to bring quality content and a solid focused niche to the attention of advertisers. http://www.noirwomanadnetwork.com

    We also have a lifestyle portal as a magazine http://www.noirwoman,com

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