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10 Workshops I’d Like To Take At The Online News Association Conference

By Benét J. Wilson, board member, Online News Association; chair, NABJ Digital Journalism Task Force; and social media/eNewsletters editor, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

The list of suggested workshops for this year’s Online News Association conference has been released, here. I was so impressed — and a bit overwhelmed — with the breadth and depth of what my fellow ONA members came up with. Below are 10 workshops I hope make the cut. Also, UNITY will be bringing its Startup Loft to the conference. And I hope I’ll see you in Atlanta!!

  1. 10 Tech Trends for Journalists, Amy Webb, Webbmedia Group. This annual ONA session features the 10 trends that will have the biggest impact on journalists this year, from cyber security to data analysis to breaking news analysis. Amy returns to explain what the trends are, why they matter to you and your organization and how you can prepare for the disruption ahead. As always, Amy will bring lots of never-before-seen prototypes, handouts, betas and other surprises.
  2. Big Data, Little Newsroom, Emma Carew Grovum, The Chronicle of Philanthropy. You’re a small- to medium-sized newsroom. You want to do more data, or do more with the data you already have. You don’t have a ton of resources (data folks, web folks, everyone’s limited). Where should you put your priorities: arming the reporters with Excel skills, teaching the web staff Tableau, learning to code/scrape? Let’s get together, play with some tools and talk about data projects and data visualization in a small shop.
  3. Jazz & Journalism: Improvising Innovation, Laura Amico, CEO, Homicide Watch, Nieman-Berkman Fellow. Wynton Marsalis describes jazz as “the art of managing change without losing the focus on substance.” Journalism is change, too, blending instinct and expertise, performance and conversation, improvisation and swing time all in a continuously changing environment. In this music-based conversation, we’ll use jazz and improvisation theories to reframe how we structure newsroom and audience relationships and build support for innovation.
  4. Copyright Law, Jon Hart, Dow Lohnes PLLC, Eric Lieberman, Fusion. This class will cover the basics of copyright law as background for a detailed discussion of fair use. We’ll talk about what content you can borrow from others and how to know when others are borrowing more content from you than fair use permits. We’ll dispel some common misconceptions about copyright, discuss how you can protect yourself against liability for user-generated content, and give you practical tips on acquiring content and administering freelance contracts.
  5. Constructing Meaningful Infographics. Navigating the art of infographics can be tricky; too many words and you’ve lost the reader, too many angles and the reader is overwhelmed. We’ll dissect the most and least effective infographics and arm you with the knowledge for creating beautiful graphics with impact.
  6. Analytics: The Big Picture. Come with us on a 10,000-foot view of why analytics are crucial and then come back down to earth to have in-depth conversations with metrics experts. This session will be followed by a “Solve” session.
  7. FOIA for the Digital Age. Investigating public records can be expensive, cumbersome and time consuming. But there are ways to make it part of your daily routine. We’ll show you how to build sources and stories, manage large-scale public records projects and involve the public in your investigative project without even breaking a sweat.
  8. Build Your Gear Pack. What do you carry when you go out on assignment? Three street- and tech-savvy journalists will reveal the secrets of organizing a prepared gear pack and share tips on the best equipment.
  9. Innovative Storytelling on a Shoestring. Low or no budget? Small or no development team? Get help in applying no- and low-cost tools and new storytelling techniques for your small newsrooms.
  10. Changing Lanes. Journalism has been anything but recession-proof, and many of its practioners have jumped ship over the years. Join a conversation with some of them and hear about life on the other side.


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