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“Retwact” Allows Users To Retract Wrong Tweets

By, Denise Sawyer

We’ve all, at some point, tweeted out the wrong information during breaking news in a rush to be the first to post on Twitter. But in the wake of a social media meltdown, after misinformation regarding the shooting at Washington’s Navy Yard Monday morning went viral, journalists might find the new Twitter tool “Retwact” helpful.


Here’s how it works. “Retwact” lets you share a corrected tweet with anyone who retweeted the initial tweet with misinformation.

But to do so, you have to log into your Twitter account, select one of your five most recent retweets – which would look something like what’s below- then you would write what the tweet should have said.


Screen-Shot-2013-09-16-at-5.14.52-PM-1024x614Sounds like a great tool, right? But you can’t search pass the five most recent tweets, and for the sake of saving characters — some may find the “via @retwact,” which can not be deleted, hard to squeeze in. Nonetheless, it is a tool worth trying during heated moments in the breaking newsroom.



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