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10 iPhone Apps I Recommend For Journalist Newbies

By Benét J. Wilson, immediate past chair, NABJ Digital Journalism Task Force & social media/eNewsletters editor, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

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My dead friend Christopher Nelson has *finally* abandoned his beloved (but aged) Blackberry, and he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed with what apps to get. I last did this column when former NABJ President Greg Lee got his new iPhone, so it’s time for an update. Enjoy!

  1. iPhone Secrets Pro. Shell out the 99 cents for this app that keeps giving all kinds of great tips and trick that Apple will never tell you about iPhone. And bonus — the app offers new content and tips every week. It’s the gift that keeps giving!
  2. Flipbook (and the companion Pocket). As a newshound, these have made the front page of my iPhone. Flipboard is my way of keeping up with my favorite blogs and news sites in a gorgeous and easy-to-use magazine format. You can email, and post links on Facebook and Twitter. With Pocket, you can save stories to read offline later.
  3. HootSuite. Because I know how Christopher loves the Twitter, I recommend this app to handle it. I like it because I can use it on my iPhone, iPad or Mac because it’s web-based. I can handle all my Twitter accounts, shorten links and schedule tweets, all from this app. I use Echofone as my back-up Twitter app.
  4. Apps Gone Free. Every day, this app offers 6 to 14 paid apps for free. Warning-you will see a lot of crap (games, to-do/productivity lists, etc.), but every now and then you’ll get a great paid app that will make it worth it.
  5. iPrompt Pro. Since Christopher is in broadcast television, he might find this teleprompter app very useful. I also use it for speeches and presentations.
  6. Recordium. This iPhone/iPad universal app is a great audio recorder and editor in one. It offers different recording quality, the ability to highlight important parts of a recording, and uploading via Dropbox or over WiFi. It costs $1.99, but I got it free on Apps Gone Free.
  7. Hourly News. Again, I tap my inner news junkie by listening to this great radio app. Listen to updated news summaries from NPR, BBC, CBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, the Wall Street Journal, Voice of America, ESPN, and Deutche Welle to name a few. It costs 99 cents, but I got it free on Apps Gone Free.
  8. Urbanspoon. Christopher lives in one of the great food destinations on the planet, so I advise him to put this great restaurant finder on his iPhone.
  9. Clear Watermark. Let’s say you’re out on assignment and you snap some amazing photos and want to let folks know they’re yours. You can mark your pictures with this app. It costs $1.99, but I got it free on Apps Gone Free.
  10. Genius Scan. You’re out on assignment. You need to get copies of some documents, but there’s no copier around. Use this free app to snap pictures of pages and turn them into PDF files. In the free version the files can be transmitted via WiFi or uploaded to iBooks. In the paid version of Genius Scan+ ($2.99), transfer files via Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Google Drive and SkyDrive.


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