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Four Interesting Kickstarter Journalism Projects

By Ameena Rasheed, NABJ Digital Journalism Task Force intern

Project: Opening this Summer The Malibu Beaches! by Escape Apps


Jenny Price is a writer, artist and environmental historian. For years, she’s been covering all the obstacles to finding and using to these incredible beaches. But even with courts ruling over and over and over and over to allow public access, finding and using these beaches is still really tough. Until now. Jenny partnered with Escape Apps, builders of the Know What network. The campaign’s goal is to make the app free for everyone to download all summer long and work to get an Android version out this summer.

Project: Belt: Cleveland’s new online magazine by Anne Trubek


Where culture and economic development meet. Long-form journalism and commentary. For Cleveland and around the rust belt. “Belt” will build on the astonishing success of Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology, which proved there is a need for thoughtful, in-depth reporting and commentary on culture and economic development in Cleveland and other industrial cities. The book was produced, start to finish, in three months. It drew volunteer submissions from more than 80 writers, was profitable within weeks of publication and is onto its second printing.  “Belt” will continue the momentum.

Project: How Jamaica Conquered the World by Roifield Brown


Everyone likes to think that the places they love are worthy of a bit of praise – but you might think that claiming Jamaica conquered the world is taking things a bit far. The founder, Roifield Brown, wants to go out into the world and interview people who have played a part in the global outreach of Jamaica. He’s managed to do a lot with Skype in season 1, but not everyone he wants to speak to has access to a computer. Visits to Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand will help uncover other great stories of “How Jamaica has Conquered the World.”

Project: Discover hidden gems on the side streets of Manhattan by


What began as a whimsical idea, crisscrossing the side streets of Manhattan, quickly developed into The creator, Betsy, intrepidly began to walk this walk, revisiting each street via bicycle, car, or once again walking, as she realized how much a block can change hour-by-hour. was launched in the summer of 2012.  While is the story of one woman’s journey, it provides a venue for writers, photographers and filmmakers. The Kickstarter funds would enable them to grow their team, therefore completing the project of walking and reaching more businesses at an accelerated pace.



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