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A New Brydge For MyiPad

By Benét J. Wilson, chair, NABJ Digital Journalism Task Force & social media/eNewsletters editor, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

I’ve been using my iPad for more and more work-related tasks, thanks to some great apps and the device’s portability.  The one negative factor is trying to type stories using the glass keyboard.  I’m just no good at it.

I went on eBay and bought a cheap keyboard that connected to the iPad via Bluetooth.  It worked for a while, then became quite buggy and unreliable.  That left me with lugging my MacBook Pro or taking my Gateway Netbook.

But after attending several journalism-related events where I saw folks with cool keyboards attached to their iPads, I decided it was time to take another look at what’s out there — and spend some money.

So I did what I usually do — I crowdsourced my question about what folks thought were the best iPad keyboards on the market.  I considered the Logitech Ultrathin, ZAGGFolio, ClamCase Pro and the Belkin Folio.


But all bets were off once  I saw the Brydge, which was born from a Kickstarter campaign.  As a MacBook Pro user, I love the way this keyboard simulates that experience.  the clips allow you to adjust your iPad by 180 degrees.

The Brydge has a built-in speaker that really enhances the sound from your iPad.  It comes in Mac silver, but I bought the black polycarbonate version because I thought it looked cooler.

The speakerless aluminum Brydge costs $169.99; with speakers, it’s $199.99. My black version, with speakers, is $129.99 — and worth every penny.



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