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Pew Research Center: The State of Digital Media in American Journalism

By Ameena Rasheed, NABJ Digital Journalism Task Force Intern


The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism recently shared its State of the New Media 2013: An Annual Report on American Journalism. In the report, Pew noted several digital developments and trends as they relate to news, especially within the digital media landscape from 2012. Here are some of the data.

Compared to other media platforms like magazines, newspapers and television, online news was the only media platform to show growth in the survey.

From Pew:

Most mobile news users are not replacing one platform with another; they are consuming more news than they had in the past. More than half of tablet news users, 54%, say they also get news on a smartphone; 77% also get news on a desktop or laptop computer; 50% get news in print and a quarter get news on all four, according to a 2012 study by Pew Research Center and the Economist Group.

In addition, 31 percent of tablet users note that they are consuming more news via their mobile devices. Furthermore,  43 percent said their tablet devices are helping to increase the percentage of news that they consume. Almost three quarters, 64 percent, of smartphone users get their news on laptops or desktops and a little over a quarter, 37 percent, of those users get their news from a tablet.

More people are getting their news from social media. (Source: Pew Research Center)

Social media, which is believed to be fueled by the increase in mobile devices, has also lead U.S. adults to a deeper consumption of news. Pew studies show that around 47 percent of smartphone users get their news through a social network, and 39 percent of tablet users did as well.

There was also growth in the number of newspapers migrating to paid digital content, according to Pew. In the last year, 450 of the 1,380 of the newspaper dailies have started or shared plans for a paid content subscription or pay wall plan, which usually gives readers a certain number of free articles before forcing users to pay.

You can read more about the digital developments in American journalism  here and visit for more information on other media platforms.  And please take our poll, below.



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