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Why I Donated To The For Journalism Kickstarter — And Why You Should Too!

By Benét J. Wilson, chair, NABJ Digital Journalism Task Force & social media/enewsletters editor, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Back at the beginning of 2013, the International Journalists’ Network website did a post entitled “Three skills journalists should learn in 2013.”  I’m not sure if they did this on purpose, but number one on the list is coding.  IJE says we need to learn to code in order to “spruce up a blog or to conceptualize remarkable projects.”

So when my friend and fellow Online News Association board member, USC professor Robert Hernandez, told me about a new Kickstarter to fund the For Journalism: Data Journalism For All project, created to teach journalists how to code different languages, I was hooked.

I believe in helping to fund good journalism projects, and For Journalism is the third Kickstarter I’ve supported.  The first was a project to help DJTF Secretary Kiratiana Freelon’s “Kiratiana’s Travel Guide To Multicultural London,” which helped fund her travel to cover the Summer Olympics and write her book.  You can read Kiratiana’s blog post about doing a Kickstarter program here.  The second was to keep Laura Amico’s DC Homicide Watch blog alive after she won a Nieman Fellowship.

Every dollar counts with the For Journalism Kickstarter, which ends on March 11.   Donations range from a low of $5 to a high of $10,000.  I donated $45, which will allow me to take Michelle Minkoff’s charting and visualization course.  So I encourage you to throw some dollars to this worthy project. Depending on how you donate, not only do you help a worthy project, but you can even take the courses!



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