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10 iPad Apps I’d Recommend For Students

After I did a post recommending iPhone and iPad apps, I received a request asking for my picks for students.  Here they are.

  1. CamCard (free) – if you’re good at the networking game, you will need a place to organize all the business cards I hope you’re picking up.  You snap a picture of the card, and you’re able to organize the information in your iPhone/iPad contacts.  I bought the paid version ($2.99) for the NABJ San Diego convention and have never looked back.  The free limits the number of cards you can download, so shell out for the paid version.
  2. Ptch (free) – the tag line for this app is “An Instagram for all your media…” You can use it to create a presentation using videos and photographs.  It’s great for creating short pieces that can be included on a reel.
  3. iMovie ($4.99) – you need a quick-and-dirty editing app and this is it.  But it has rich features, including the ability to create movie trailers, create and edit HD movies and share them across social media platforms.
  4. LinkedIn (free) – this app is a great resource for those looking for internships and that first job.  Build up your network, join journalism-related groups and start reaching out to those who will help you in your networking efforts.  Also, join the group LinkedIn For Journalists.  You’ll learn how to use the platform for stories.
  5. SlideRocket or Haiku (both free) – Looking for an alternative to PowerPoint or Prezi? Try out these two presentation apps.
  6. (free) – use this app to create a portfolio page to show off your work and let potential employers know who you are.
  7. Resume Maker ($2.99) – this is a great tool to help you get your resume together.  You can create custom versions for potential employers and download it as a PDF.
  8. Interview A-Z (99 cents) – so you’ve done the resume, and got the interview. Use this app to go over potential questions employers may ask.  it also offers interview prep tips and help with writing cover letters.
  9. StudyBlue (free) – I’m teaching myself Spanish, and as part of the learning process, I use StudyBlue flash cards for memorizing key words.  You can create your own or crib from the hundreds of cards created by others.
  10. Temple Run (free) – sometimes you just need to walk away and clear your head.  My 7-year-old daughter is a master at this distracting, yet fun game that lets you tap your inner Indiana Jones.


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