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10 iPad Apps I’d Recommend To Dori Maynard Of The Maynard Institute

Yesterday I did a post on iPhone apps I’d recommend for NABJ President Greg Lee.  I posted a link on Facebook, and one of the responders was Dori Maynard of the Maynard Institute. Dori got an iPad for Christmas, so here’s the apps I’d recommend for her.

  1. AppStart (free) – for the iPad newbie, this is a must-have app that offers great advice on the best apps to download as you begin your tablet journey.
  2. Flipboard (free) – I’ve all but abandoned my Google Reader for this app. You can use it to do great magazine-style feeds of your favorite publications.  You can share story links via Twitter, email links or read them later.  I’d also download Pocket (free), which is an app that stores Flipboard stories for offline reading later.
  3. CNN (free) – the news junkie in me loves this app.  I can read stories, see breaking news videos, get updates on important stories and even watch live programming (thanks to my DirecTV subscription).
  4. Prezi (free) – step away from the boring, predictable PowerPoint presentation with this animated app.
  5. Apps Gone Free (free) – every day, this app suggests between eight and 20 paid apps that are being given away for a limited time.  I’ve gotten some great photo/video and travel apps through this app.
  6. SoundNote ($4.99) – I learned about this app via a post on best journalist gifts over at the 10000 Words blog. While you are typing your notes on your iPad, it also records.  When you want to play something back, tap the word and the recording takes you there.
  7. Google Drive (free) – if you’re like me and have moved many documents to the cloud, having this app makes it simple to access all those files.
  8. JoinMe (free) – let’s say you want to have an online meeting with the ability to share your screen.  This app does that, and works great on the iPad.
  9. Storify (free) – Dori and former NABJ President Herb Lowe know I’m a HUGE fan of this multimedia storytelling program, and you can create the same magic on your iPad with this app.
  10. Find iPhone/iPad (free) – this app will help you recover a lost iPhone or iPad even if the volume is off.  Combine this with a pass code to open your items, and you’re good to go in the security area.


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