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Friday Fast Five – Your Guide To New Media

By Benét J. Wilson, chair, NABJ Digital Journalism Task Force & social media/newsletters editor, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

  1. Social Media.bizOwn your online reputation with help from your friends. It is a plug for, but there are some great tips on how you can use different resources to control your online reputation on sites including Google.
  2. Mashable9 Gmail Plugins to Revive Your Productivity. I’m one of those people who is always wrangling my two Gmail accounts. The Boomerang plugin has been a lifesaver for me.
  3. Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press — “First Aid” mobile app. This is a very handy tool if you’re reporting on legal issues in the field and need a quick answer or explanation.  The app covers the following topics, by state: Newsgathering; Court access; Public meetings; Public records; Confidential sources; and Libel.
  4. ReadWriteWeb3 Easy Tools for Crafting a Great-Looking Personal Web Page. We are getting close to the time where all journalists will need to have a web page to serve as a calling card for potential employers. This post reviews Flavors, Google+ and Vizify.
  5. Social Brite — What time of day should you post to your Facebook page?  I have my own Facebook page, and I admit — it’s been a struggle to run it, which is why I appreciated the tips in this post.


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