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Top 5 Things I Like About The iPhone 5

By Benét J. Wilson, chair, NABJ Digital Journalism Task Force & social media/newsletters editor, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the details of one of the world’s worst-kept secrets: the new iPhone 5.  I admit I’m a geek, so I followed a lot of the live blogging from the event, with Mashable offering my favorite coverage.

As a journalist, I wanted to know what about this new phone benefits me as  I try to work smarter. Here’s what Tim Cook gave us:

  1. Price. I paid $299 for my 32GB iPhone 4 back in 2010, and that’s the same price as the iPhone 5 version.
  2. Battery. The new phone has 225 hours of standby and eight hours of talk time.
  3. Camera. They boosted it up to eight mega pixels and it now has the retina display. It also has Panorama, which lets you take high-definition panoramic photos.
  4. Microphone. For those of us who shoot video on the iPhone, the 5 now has three microphones!
  5. 4G LTE. Thanks to this, we’ll be able to surf much faster.

BONUS –  we are *finally* gettnig a decent earpiece, which features noise-cancelling technology.



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