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Top 10 New/Social Media Blogs On My Flipboard

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF chair & freelance aviation/travel journalist and blogger

Did you guys hear about Sarah Glover, president of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists and NABJ legend? She was recently hired by NBC10 as their new Social Media Editor. Congratulations to her!

Sarah and others have asked me what blogs and websites I read to keep up with the latest in new and social media.  I have an iPad and I use Flipboard to keep up with my favorite sites. You can also create a list on Google Reader or just subscribe directly.  Below is my list, in no particular order.

  1. Mashable. This is the one I’d read if someone told me I could only read one publication.  I love it because it covers social media and journalism issues and so much more.  I especially enjoy their tech coverage.
  2. Knight Digital Media Center. Bit ups to KDMC for being one of the first to start explaining the connection between journalism and the new digital universe.
  3. Nieman Lab. The have worked hard to help journalists understand the new media world we’re all now living and working in.
  4. TechCrunch. Speaking of tech, this snarky and informative blog helps feed my inner tech geek with news and commentary on this segment of the business.
  5. Engadget. As long as we’re still on tech, I also like to read Engadget, which offers its own different spin on the industry.
  6. Journerdism. I love, love LOVE this blog by Will Sullivan.  He writes about the latest twists a d turns in journalism in the digital space. But the real jewel in his crown is his exhaustive – and informative — Journerdism gear, book, tool & nerd toy recommendations.
  7. ReadWriteWeb.  This is the go-to spot for topics including tech news, reviews and analysis, apps,  trends, social networking, among other things.
  8. Paid Content. This blog is the bible for those trying to figure out how to monetize in the news and information space.
  9. Socialbrite. This site focuses on the non-profits working to navigate the social media space, but there’s plenty for the rest of us to learn.
  10. GigaOm. This website covers the business of technology news. And the things that they cover definitely fall within the world of journalism.

So – what’s on your must-read list?



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