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Freedom Forum To Hold Two Multimedia Boot Camp Sessions

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF chair & freelance aviation/travel journalist and blogger

Back in September 2010, I spent a week down at the Poynter Institute for a week-long course in multimedia storytelling.  As a former old-school print journalist, I needed a course like this.  I had gotten some good training at past NABJ conventions, but it wasn’t enough, so I found this type of intensive training to be quite helpful.

The Freedom Forum will hold two sessions of its Multimedia Boot Camp on  Aug. 15-19 and Nov. 14-18.  The cost is $850, and includes all supplies, use of multimedia equipment and software during training, some meals and step-by-step guides to producing audio, video and other multimedia projects.

In this boot camp, participants will learn the following:

• Produce multimedia on a budget, including cheap ways to record and edit audio.

• Use basic tools in Adobe Photoshop: toning, cropping and text.

• Produce an audio slideshow.

• Use Final Cut for video storytelling and editing.

• Use shotgun, stick and wireless microphones.

• Find and buy the right gear.

• Use smart phones and mobile devices to gather news.

   and will take away:

• Audio, photo and video skills.

• One finished audio slideshow.

• Two finished video projects.

• Production skills in Audacity and Final Cut.

• Smart Phone journalism skills that will help gather and distribute news right from your iPhone, iPod, Android or BlackBerry.

• Step-by-step guides to producing audio, video and other multimedia projects.

This type of training is invaluable.  This course is For more information, click here.  To register, click here.



Home of the National Association of Black Journalists's (NABJ's) Digital Journalism Task Force

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