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NABJ Social Media Checklist #NABJ2012

– NABJ Social Media Team 

For many of you this will be your first NABJ convention on twitter. That means it will be your first time using an NABJ Convention hashtag, your first time retweeting convention tweets, your first time enjoying the “backchannel” that often dominates the digital conversation during major events. Your digital self will be alive during this convention and the NABJ Social media team will do everything to keep you engaged.

This year NABJ has a robust social media program and we want to make sure that everyone knows how they can engage and share what they’re learning, or better yet, how they’re enjoying New Orleans.



NABJ is on twitter and we’d love to hear from you! Tweet us! NABJ has two regularly updated twitter channels, @NABJ and @Nabjdigital. The PR student project team of Christopher Nelson and Bartees Cox will be manning the official @NABJ channel. You can expect announcements, live-tweeting, questions, scavenger hunts and NABJ student articles tweeted from this account. As usual, Benet Wilson will provide her unique and enlightening tweets on the @nabjdigital account.

Hashtags Hashtags!
The OFFICIAL hashtag of the conference is #NABJ12 (not #NABJ2012). To promote engagement among members who are at the conference and who aren’t able to attend, please tweet all panels and events with the official hashtag. Each workshop will also have it’s own hashtag which you should also include. This will aid people who want to go back and seek information from the panels.


Twitter Scavenger Hunt
Starting on Thursday, the @NABJ will be running a twitter scavenger hunt at NOON on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Prizes include the following:

  • VIP Ticket to the Sports Task Force Jam
  • Tickets to the Gospel Brunch
  • Meet & Greet opportunity with Cedric The Entertainer, Niecy Nash, Rosie Perez, and Viola Davis

Follow the @NABJ account for clues to find Bartees Cox, who will be within a half mile of the Hilton. Once you find him, you’ll have to answer some trivia questions.

Join us on Facebook!

Stay up to date with NABJ news and connect to other attendees!

Facebook Page – Look out for the day’s best picture as well as photo albums from each day’s events.

Facebook Group – The Facebook group continues to be a place for community around the 2012 NABJ conference. We encourage you to continue to post announcements, photos and questions on the group during the conference.


Create a Storify from Your Panel!

Storify is one of the best ways to create stories and archive social media content from your panels. We’re really pushing for NABJ conference panelists and members to create a storify for EVERY PANEL. Please tag ALL of your stories with #NABJ12. We’re aiming to create at least 30 storify stories from the convention. Afterwards we’ll compile this media into a Storination.

New Social Media Site – Instagram!

NABJ has a new social media account on Instagram – NABJofficial. Please follow us and look out for the best pictures from this week’s convention.

Check in on Foursquare

Follow NABJ and check into the 2012 NABJ Convention and Career Fair. If the check in doesn’t immediately pop up then do a search. Please also add photos to your check in.


Do you plan on blogging the NABJ Conference? Don’t forget to tweet us the link so we can tweet it or facebook it!



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