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NABJDigital Profiles Web-Based Blogging Tool, “CoveritLive”

By Johnny Ubri-Cardona, public relations major, School Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

CoveritLive,” a web-based blogging tool has been reshaping the way that companies and audiences – primarily journalists and the media – cover and respond to live events. The browser-based application allows users to post and update content, insert images or video, create polls, provide feedback, and manage Q-and-A sessions. CoveritLive also archives each session and provides analytics.

Keith McSpurren, founder of CoveritLive (CiL), established the service in 2007 in Toronto, Canada, in an effort to provide users with the ability to respond and provide live commentary on political and industry events, speeches, sport, and more.

Since its launch, CoveritLive has been used by thousands of writers to attract millions of readers. Its success has been evidenced through its high-profile use from clients such as Yahoo!, Entertainment Weekly, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, General Motors and more. It has been used to cover such events as the 2010 NFL draft, the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and more.

The pivotal factor in the application’s success is in the simplicity of the software. A simple download is required to set up the service and once complete, the user can quickly build and launch a live event and hyperlink it into other webpages. The software provides bloggers with a great opportunity to self-promote events and gain more exposure through social and digital media sites. Also, commentary and multimedia is instantly published without having to refresh and reload the browser. Finally, the software is fully scalable, 100% compatible with all web publishing software, and its seamless platform allows for real-time reporting and social engagement.

Businesses also benefit by using CoveritLive. The application offers a wide array of features to keep company clients satisfied. With CoveritLive, business can easily manage their client’s events using the CiL Agency Platform. Also, CiL gives companies the ability to integrate events into any computer management system, mobile or proprietary social applications

CoveritLive has two pricing and product options: CiL Basic and CiL Premium. Both are available at no cost but CiL Premium’s Enterprise option does have cost associated with its features, which are negotiated with CiL’s parent Digital Media.

CoveritLive is a compatible and comprehensive software tool for bloggers, businesses and journalists looking to enhance event coverage efforts and engage millions of readers and audiences alike.

NABJ, have any of you used CoveritLive to cover a particular event? If so, what kind of event was it? Do you think this service is useful? And if so, how do you think it contributes to the evolution of the journalism industry?



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