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MULTIMEDIA BRAND YOU: PABJ & TABJ Digital Journalism Training

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    Multimedia Brand&YOU @benetwilson @normbond @bobbibooker @KelleyLCarter @AmaniChannel @SmallBizLady @skyphoto @TechLifeSteph @Darishamedia
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 10:18:24
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    @PABJ Multimedia Training. The info is great and informative…but we’re also learning what’s maddening about Skype…#pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 11:03:33
  3. The day started with Benet Wilson, chair of NABJ’s Digital Journalism Task Force, Program Chair for NABJ’s 2012 Convention and a freelance aviation/travel journalist and blogger. She provided an overview of top tech trends, must-have apps and
    social media for journalists.
  4. I started my talk by encouraging folks to get into social media — but to start slow, with one or two platforms. This gives you a chance to see what works best for you. Below are my recommendations of five to try.
  5. Next, I offered up my list of great iPhone apps, below.
  6. I ended my presentation by offering my thoughts about tech trends for journalists coming down the pike, using the wisdom of my tech sensei, Amy Webb of Webbmedia and Knowledgewebb.
  7. After Wilson was entertainment journalist Kelley L. Carter. Carter, co-chair of the NABJ Arts & Entertainment Task Force, discussed her journey as a multimedia freelancer, from
    print journalist to guest expert on HLN/CNN and other media outlets. She talked about how
    she expanded her brand online and provided tips to journalists
    who are interested in crossing platforms. She also provided suggestions to
    journalists on how to find multimedia freelancing opportunities.
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    @KelleyLCarter says her present freelancing career exploded around coverage of MJ’s death…
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 11:45:38
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    @KelleyLCarter says invest in yourself with a good online reel and website
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 11:44:26
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    @KelleyLCarter suggests developin an expertise, for her its entertainment journo, and she gets more calls as a freelance expert for tv/radio
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 11:47:49
  11. Melinda Emerson, AKA ‘The Small Biz Lady,” provided an overview of thinking as an
    entrepreneurial journalist, small business person, and monetizing your work
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    @SmallBizLady Melinda Emerson tells us how to think as an entrepreneurial journalists, small biz person & monetizing ur work online.
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 11:32:45
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    @SmallBizLady H.E.L.P: Help. Engage. Listen. Promote–
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 11:16:02
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    Brand yourself online with the 3C’s Content, Community and Commerce #smallbiz chat with @pabj and @SmallBizLady
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 11:25:08
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    @SmallBizLady says do key research to know your key customer and who you are influencing!
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 11:28:08
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    @SmallBizLady says its good to have quality content and be an expert but make sure you ate talking with ppl via social media
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 11:31:01
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    @SmallBizLady says use social media, become an influencer, build a following through social media, monetize ur content
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 11:39:33
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    “@SmallBizLady: The door to wisdom is never shut. – Ben Frankin”
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 18:20:26
  19. Next up was Norm Bond, an international authority on marketing,
    corporate diversity, sales and multicultural issues spoke on Branding
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    @normbond My ‘professional hook’: Tech-life Expert #personalmarketability #PABJ
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 11:57:11
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    @normbond says u need a logo that speaks to who you, newsletter, qr code, website, blog talk radio, blog, promo items/biz cards #pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 12:19:35
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    Manage your online presence to leverage your offline presence. @normbond #pabj #TABJ
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 12:19:56
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    .@normbond says u need logo that speaks to you, newsletter, qr code, website, blog talk radio, blog, promo items/biz cards #pabj /CHECK!
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 13:08:18
  24. Bobbi Booker and Darisha Miller discussed recent social media
    mishaps made by journalists and how to turn a PR crisis online into good PR.
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    @bobbibooker and @Darishamedia are discussing the tweets by @rolandsmartin that drew attention by @glaad and how to react and respond #pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 12:49:29
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    @bobbibooker says our social media is a branding and we need to extend old school courtesies and relationship building #pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 12:46:18
  27. Stephanie Humphrey gave an overview of apps and online tools based on her article. She covered
    Pinterest and what it is, and described miscellaneous technology
    blogs/websites that are good to follow.
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    @TechLifeSteph suggests the iRig microphone as a great digital microphone tool to use with ur iPhone #pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 13:10:47
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    @TechLifeSteph is a trained engineer who has parlay-d her tech experience w/ tv appearances & blogging 2 becoming a multimedia journo #pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 13:14:29
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    @TechLifeSteph suggests apps- iJournalistPro, CoverItLive, Evernote, Dragon Dictation, WriteRoom, Dropbox, Google Docs, Cloud storage #pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 13:18:10
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    @TechLifeSteph — Consistency is the key with blogging and social media. Good Reminder! #PABJ
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 13:30:15
  32. Amani Channel covered visual journalism on the web and general
    multimedia standard practices. He also provided an overview of how he set up
    his own news site, and offered suggestions on how to monetize it.
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    @AmaniChannel discusses “Skills to Pay the Bills In a New Media World” #PABJ
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 13:37:18
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    @AmaniChannel — Get out of your comfort zone! #pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 13:41:48
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    “More stations are hiring one man band reporters. Multimedia skills will come in handy”
    – @amanichannel #PABJ
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 13:41:33
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    @AmaniChannel says… You are a Brand! People are watching and listening! #pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 13:42:48
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    @AmaniChannel sees shooting and editing trends… video skills, one-man band, dslr cameras, tapeless cameras #pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 13:44:09
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    @AmaniChannel digital skills tips- seek freelance opps, guest post, start a blog, leverage social networks, create UGC content #pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 13:54:00
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    NEW MEDIA REPORTING use Twitter, Live Stream, Facebook and always SHARE YOUR CONTENT!! #pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 14:01:50
  40. Sarah Glover, PABJ President and photographer/videograher at the Philadelphia Daily News, ended the day with a tutorial on how to how to build a WordPress website.
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    #PABJ Sarah Glover giving a awesome presentation on WordPress at the Digital Journalism training. Great organization.
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 14:12:52
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    @skyphoto wordpress tutorial: pick a template that showcases your specialty (broadcast, print, photo, design). #PABJ
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 14:20:48
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    part of my presentation today @ #pabj digital training derived from Michelle Johnson’s presentation at #NABJ11 on building a WordPress site
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 16:57:03
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    Journo websites should have at least: resume, about, works samples, contact info, social media feeds (Twitter/FB/blog). #pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 17:16:28
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    Learning about making a website using WordPress @pabj multimedia training. Been a really productive set of workshops today.#pabj
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 14:18:50
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    Learned a lot today from attending the #PABJ multimedia workshop. a lot of great insight to social media way explained.
    Sat, Mar 03 2012 16:38:54


Home of the National Association of Black Journalists's (NABJ's) Digital Journalism Task Force

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