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The New Way To Manage Your Online Portfolio

By Danielle Neveles, BA in Journalism ’11 Indiana University Indianapolis School of Journalism, freelance journalist, blogger and editor

Still carrying around all your clips in a folder or portfolio? Well those days are long over. Technology has changed everything about our industry including how we market ourselves and advertise our work samples. With the growth of multimedia and web based careers, employers are looking to see just how web savvy you are. And what better way to present your multimedia clips than on-line.

Nowadays, employers look for links where they can view your work rather than old fashioned print copies of samples or tapes of video. Now don’t get me wrong, some employers still want the traditional samples. But more and more employers look to the web to learn about what you can do. And why not? We use profiles like Facebook and LinkedIn to showcase ourselves professionally and personally. Well now there is a way to market our work this way too. and are two sites, which enable journalist to create an online presence dedicated to their work and accomplishments. Sort of a one-stop shop for employers.

Tony Conrad, Ryan Freitas and Tim Young co-founded and were looking to build a single on-line identity. That is exactly what allows you to do. allows you to create a personal splash page. You can give a brief biography of your experience and background and provide links to all your online sites in one place. This way anyone wanting to learn about you can visit your splash page, learn about what you do and connect with you instantly via your email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn.

It also enables you to quickly give prospective employers a brief overview of your experience and then direct them to your samples. Jummy Olabanji, a broadcast journalist in the Washington, D.C., area, recently made an profile and linked it to her domain name. She said it wasn’t hard at all to create the splash page. is slightly different, but accomplishes the same goal. With you can provide a brief biography of yourself, add links to your Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube and preview all your writing samples. On the profile employers can quickly scroll through your recent articles or videos and view your work. If they choose, they can be taken directly to the source site of your work.

Both sites are guaranteed to make creating your on-line presence much simpler. Whether you are looking to give employers a splash of your exceptional experience or amaze them with samples of your videos and articles, it will definitely make it easier than carrying around the large book of your print clips. These sites make it easier to prove to employers that you really are a multimedia and web savvy journalist. Don’t just tell them, show them.



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