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AP, Google Join Forces For National Scholarship Program

By Tyrone Hall, Sports and Minority News Freelance Writer

Hello current and future journalists and welcome to the new year.  I’m sure right now you’re just getting into the swing of things. Before you complete the first full week of implementing your resolutions and goals for the year, have you heard the big announcement?

No not voter’s registration, state of the economy or latest celebrity reality show. I’m talking about the partnership that is set to take the journalism field to another level.

That’s right folks. The Associated Press and Google have joined with the Online News Association to bring all undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to enhance both their digital and media skills.

AP, as many of you college journalism majors know is one of the premier global news networks and one of our most trusted independent news sources. If you ask me AP, which stands for Associated Press, should also stand for “Always Prepared.”

Simply because when you want the latest information and unbiased content, AP is ready to deliver it to you.  This worldwide media giant has been standing strong since 1846 when print industry was far less digital as it has become today.

Yet, AP recognized that today’s college students need more resources to truly present news in the ever-changing digital world.

According to Sue Cross, AP senior vice president for the Americas, the scholarship program will help build these vital skills in a new generation of journalists — which is where the global technology leader Google comes into play.

Let’s be honest here for a moment. Internet users seek Google for answers to everything — not just news.

Google has helped today’s readers locate information through web search and advertising that has made life a bit easier even during difficult times.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering why this didn’t happen sooner, but it doesn’t make any sense in trying to figure that out.

Just know it has come at the perfect time!

Are you ready to sink your journalistic skills into this stepping stone to your future career?  What can this scholarship program do for you?

The AP and Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship will offer $20,000 in scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic school year to six deserving undergraduate or graduate students planning to pursue academic degrees in the area of journalism, computer science and new media.

This program is seeking individual students that have an interest in creating innovative projects that will further the ideals of digital journalism.

Beside the $20,000 in scholarships, do you know the primary purpose for this program? The key goal is to promote geographic, gender and ethnic diversity with an emphasis on rural and urban areas.

This is where NABJ students and future digital journalist of tomorrow have been granted a resource — a new platform to help tell your story using technology through various components of multimedia.

NABJ students should find this new partnership as a passage way to not just funding their education, but a contributing factor to making their vision of future projects a reality. Student members of NABJ should seize hold of this program because it’s been designed with them in mind.

The deadline to apply for the AP-Google Journalism & Technology Scholarship is January 27th 2012. To find out eligibility requirements you can check out

What are you waiting for NABJ Students? This program is your chance to create and bring to life your very own journalistic content!



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One thought on “AP, Google Join Forces For National Scholarship Program

  1. This is great news. I am out of the journalism field (for now) but I am sharing this with my friends, former coworkers and old journalism professors.

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