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What YOU learned during the NABJ convention

By Melanie Eversley

DJTF Vice Chair

Reporter, USA Today

Shortly after the Philadelphia convention — actually, as I was making the trip home — I asked folks via Twitter to send out the most important things they’d learned using the hashtag #nabj11takeaway.

The response was pretty energetic, and people offered tips focused on everything from staying comfortable to making sure you learned the newest technology.

As the tips poured in, DJTF chair Benet Wilson suggested that the compilation of tips would work well in Storify.

I’d heard of Storify and seen it at work, but hadn’t yet learned it. Benet suggested I get some tips from former NABJ president Herb Lowe, who will be offering a webinar on Storify in the coming weeks.

So, not only did I learn all sorts of great things at the convention, in an indirect way, NABJ also helped me learn how to use Storify too — and now I have yet one more skill.

Here’s the Storify compilation of your tips. If you want to tweet out more, I’ll add them.

Have a great weekend!



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