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Cavaughn Noel

By Cavaughn Noel, Digital Media Strategist

What do you get when you combine Twitter + the black community + the name of a meal side order. You get a new site called  HashedBrown was developed and launched a few days ago with the intent to connect the live conversations of people of color around events and topics. The events are “hashed” and the conversation can be followed via each hashtag on the website, almost like switching TV stations.

But it’s 2011, why only just read tweets? Good question. So for those who use a hashtag along with a photo (twitpic) in their tweet, those images that people take on their phone throughout the conference show up in their own gallery on the site so that there’s a crowdsourced experience of where everyone was and was doing during the event. Attendees can now interact a lot better for better interaction amongst event attendees.

HashedBrown was developed by Cavaughn Noel, a digital media strategist, who has a passion for uplifting the urban community and solving problems using the platforms of digital media. “When I came up with the site, it was all about how can we use the tools that are already out there now to connect and solve the bigger issues in our community. We’ve got to start somewhere, so this is a start.”

The site also has an area for tweets about jobs, sponsorships, and other opportunities to ensure that the content and discussions are worthwhile for the community of color. Be sure to get involved and follow the NABJ conference at Get to Tweeting!

HashedBrown plans to go on tour to many events and schools in the Fall so stay on the lookout.  If you’d like to be involved, contact  You can follow Cavaughn at @cavaughn and HashedBrown at @hashedbrown on Twitter.


Home of the National Association of Black Journalists's (NABJ's) Digital Journalism Task Force

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