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Twitter Intrigue

By Rachel Huggins

Assistant Homefront Editor, USA Today


Breakfast Tweet? Check. Lunch Tweet? Check. Off work Tweet? Check. No followers.


Rachel Huggins

That pretty much sums up my experience from when I first joined Twitter.  The anticipated followers never came, and after weeks of Tweeting, I gave up.


I decided I needed to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to present the real Rachel Huggins.

Besides chatting with friends or chiming in on an occasional award show, I hadn’t been making an impact on the scene. To be honest, finding my niche in a crowded newsroom was challenging enough, let alone trying to rally Twitter fans around a brand I still needed to figure out.

But the best thing about my “retirement” was being able to start all over and inject  myself back into the game. 

With 65 unfaithful followers who were dropping like flies, I decided to Tweet again, and this time, make a difference.

 I now know my brand, and therefore, I can promote it accordingly. Not only have I tripled my fan base by developing a solid marketing strategy, I’ve connected with passionate, media-minded people that I want to socially network with forever — including you.

I’ll make it easy, follow me…@HugginsRachel

 Rachel Huggins is an Assistant Homefront Editor for USA TODAY. When she’s not producing or plugging content, she can be found pushing other brands that come under her radar. You can hear her talk more about her relationship with Twitter at the Digital Journalism Task Force reception during the National Association of Black Journalists convention, 5:30 p.m. ET, Thursday, Aug. 4, location TBA.




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