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The Social Media Correspondents

Social Media Correspondents

Houston Journalists Carve a Niche

By Ameena Rasheed, Texas Southern University Journalism Major

Texas Southern University’s young journalists have been carving a niche for themselves in the world of journalism coupling their reporting skills with social media. They call themselves “Social Media Correspondents.”

As Social Media Correspondents, the students use various social media platforms to report on a myriad of topics ranging from entertainment to politics. They post news leads every day via Twitter using the “#TwitterNewsChat” hashtag.

Journalist and TSU Journalism Professor Serbino Sandifer-Walker developed the Social Media Correspondents team and edits all content they produce.

Walker has equipped her students with the ability to proficiently use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Podbean, and several blog platforms.  Armed with laptops, digital cameras, digital voice recorders, video cameras and  smartphones, she sends her students out to cover multiple stories and events.

Chief Social Media Correspondent Kenneth Ware Jr. uses this experience as a means to be a more well-rounded  journalist.

 “I have concocted innovative ways to tell stories on a wide variety of platforms which has elevated my journalism skills,” says Ware.

Social Media Correspondent and Radio, Television and Film major, Samantha Vallejo agrees, noting that being part of the Social Media Correspondents team keeps her on her toes.

“The lessons I am learning are invaluable. Being an effective reporter requires journalists to always be ready for a breaking story. As a Social Media Correspondent, I am able to immediately turn the events around me into an interesting news story,” says Vallejo.

In this new age of digital journalism, the students realize that strong reporting and writing skills are no longer enough. Being multidimensional in the newsroom is no longer an option, but now a must.

Social Media Correspondent Alex Green explains.

 “Learning and being familiar with social media is so important because social media is influencing all aspects of journalism,” says Green.

To keep up with the Texas Southern University Social Media Correspondents, follow them on Twitter @smcorrespondents, “Like” them on Facebook (search: Social Media Correspondents) and check out their blog



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