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Friday Fast Five + Five – The Mashable Edition

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

Editor’s note: please join the NABJ Reinvention Committee and Digital Journalism Task Force for a BlogTalkRadio show, “In the Thick of My Career: Searching for the ‘New Me,'” April 29 at noon EDT. Neil Foote of Foote Communications and the University of North Texas, will show mid-career professionals how to revamp their skills and become more tech savvy.   And click here for the replay of our first show in this series — “The Young & the Restless: Keeping Hope & Journalism Alive,” which aired on April 15.  Our third and final show in the series will be “Laid Off, Bought Out & Scared: Managing My Life and Finances.”  This session with Past NABJ President Sidmel Estes of BreakThrough Inc., targets journalists who may have recently lost their jobs or fear they may lose them. We’ll discuss what you can do now to prepare for the worst, how you adjust to life without the office and offer Budgeting 101 tips.

As you know, I keep a Mashable bookmark folder on my laptop for these Fast Five tips.  This particular folder is bursting at the seams, so I deleted some items and decided to throw out the rest as a five plus five bonus edition.  Enjoy!

  1. HOW TO: Turn Your Facebook Profile Photo Into a Video
  2. 10 Online Tools and Tips for the Budding Entrepreneur
  3. HOW TO: Jump-Start Your Career by Becoming an Online Influencer
  4. Lanyrd Keeps Your Conference Life On Track, Via Twitter
  5. Bring Your Tumblr Content to WordPress With Ease
  6. Is Developing a Mobile App Worth the Cost?
  7. 44 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed
  8. 8 Simple Ways to Improve Your YouTube Channel
  9. HOW TO: Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Website
  10. HOW TO: Hire a Great Web Designer, With Y Combinator’s Garry Tan


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