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Student Uses Social Media To Find Funds For NABJ Convention

Editor’s note: I began following Ashleigh Atwell via her Twitter account (@AshJournaliste).  I noticed that she was trying to raise funds to attend this year’s NABJ Annual Convention and Career Fair.  Below is a guest post about her efforts.

By Ashleigh Atwell, Georgia State University

For the past couple of months, I have been fundraising and blogging about my efforts to attend the NABJ convention in August. It is an understatement to say social media has helped me with my campaign.  Social media has been involved in every aspect of my efforts.

I use Facebook, Twitter and other sites to promote my blog and generate funds for my trip.  Social media has also helped me make the most out of my membership in NABJ.  Prior to joining the organization, I was merely a member of the Atlanta chapter and was apprehensive about joining NABJ.  I figured I would be just another number and paying money to a faceless organization.

Since I have joined and started planning for my trip, I have had the chance to interact with members from all walks of life from other student to established professional and board members.  These interactions have kept me motivated to do what ever I can to end up in Philadelphia in August. Other members have also given me tips and shared ideas for improving my efforts that I plan to use and share with anyone else that is trying to travel.

This project has also piqued my interest in becoming a digital journalist.   Prior to planning the trip, I had no interest in digital media. Now that I have been prompted to research, I am considering picking up skills such as coding to be able to tailor my constant use of the internet and social media into a career.



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