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NABJ Students: Managing Your Brand – PART II

By Wesley Lowery, NABJ Deputy Student Representative & freelance reporter,The Columbus Dispatch

Every once in a while something goes so well the first time that you’ve just got to do it again.

So as we wrapped up the February edition of the NABJ Students monthly BlogTalkRadio show we knew that we had to do a second part. The show focused on personal branding as an up-and-coming journalists and featured professional insight from Aviation Week’s Benet Wilson and Florida A&M University graphics professor Brandan Craft.

In the 30-minute show, Wilson and Craft emphasized the importance of claiming your brand — purchasing your domain name and using your real name on Twitter and Facebook. Also make sure to clean up those Facebook pictures, because employers will be looking through them.

All of the tips and insights from Part One are available online here.

But don’t just listen to the earlier episode. Make sure to tune in TONIGHT at 6 p.m. eastern time for “Managing Your Brand: Part II,” a 30-minute show meant to expand on the topics explored last month. And in order to provide expert insight, we’ve ticketed three of NABJ’s best up-and-coming journalists.

Tonight’s panelists are:

Sidney Wright, a former NABJ Student Journalist of the Year as well as an award-winning multimedia journalist currently working as an associate producer for ABC News

Nicole Hardesty, an editorial assistant at the Huffington Post and a freelance writer for the New York Daily News

Georgia Dawkins, NABJ’s Student Representative and a producer with Waterman Broadcasting in Florida.

I’ll have the privilege of hosting the show again this month, but don’t worry — I’ll keep my mouth shut and let our star-studded panel impart knowledge.

The 30-minute show starts at 6 p.m. and be heard on BlogTalkRadio.  And if you want to chime in, or have a question to ask, please join the conversation by calling (917) 889-8528.



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