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NABJ Students: Managing Your Brand: On and Off the Web

By Wesley Lowery, NABJ Deputy Student Representative & reporter, The Columbus Dispatch

For a journalist, there is nothing more important then your personal credibility.

In a world saturated with traditional and online media, the association the consumer makes with your byline maybe the deciding factor between if they read your work or move on to the next article, blog post or tweet.

So with social media tools including Twitter and Facebook at our fingertips, how does today’s journalist use technology to extend his or her personal brand?  How do we turn these social outlets into elements of our journalistic toolbox?

And even without technology, does the way we conduct interviews or to whom we give our business cards affect our credibility?   How does our network impact our journalistic net worth?

Those are the questions we’ll aim to answer tonight during “Managing Your Brand: On and Off the Web,” a 30-minute discussion of personal branding for journalist.  The latest installment of NABJ Students’ monthly radio blog shows, the conversation will feature insight from various NABJ members and is open to both students and full-time journalists.

In a Florida A&M University edition of the show, panelists will include Rod Carter, an anchor for WFLA Channel 8 Tampa, FAMU graphics professor Brandan Craft, and FAMU Association of Black Journalists president Markia Butler.

Each of the panelists will share tips, point out best practices and offer insight into just how to make the most of your personal brand not only to gain credibility, but also to increase your marketability.

The 30-minute show starts at 6 p.m. and be heard on BlogTalkRadio.  And if you want to chime in, or have a question to ask, please join the conversation by calling (917) 889-8528.



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