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Indiana University’s NABJ Chapter Creates “The Grapevine” Blog

By India Jackson, President,  IU Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists

The Indiana University Bloomington chapter of NABJ has started a blog — called The Grapevine — to provide media coverage for the campus’ black population.

The chapter feels that the black community at IU hosts events and discussions that would be of interest to the entire campus, but only the same select few hear about and attend these events.

The campus’s main news sources cover what they feel are important stories, but NABJ-IUB realizes that what may seem important to a minority population may not seem so significant to the larger body. The Grapevine is the chapter’s way of bridging this gap.

“I think The Grapevine is a medium between the black community and black events,” senior Kiara Bembry. “NABJ seems like they are very well put together.  I like that they are a non-Greek organization because it makes it less intimidating and appealing to a larger body of people.”

The first stories were posted Monday, Jan. 10th and new material is posted every Monday.  Links and a calendar of upcoming events accompany photo, video and text blogs on the page.  Viewers can also leave comments and suggestions directly on the site.



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