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Free Registration Available for DC Week Digital Conference

By Melanie Eversley, DJTF treasurer, Breaking News Desk, USA Today

     Some of the NABJ discussion that emerged during the annual Online News Association conference revolved around a lack of African-American attendees and the question of whether the registration cost was a factor.

      But there’s a week-long digital conference taking place Nov. 4 through Nov. 11 in Washington, D.C., and organizers are giving away free tickets to the first registrants, so you don’t have an excuse. As of this writing, there were still about 80 free tickets left for Digital Capital Week, so make sure you visit the registration site NOW to reserve your space. Hurry hurry hurry. 

      The gathering, also known as DC Week, is bringing together designers, developers, entrepreneurs and social innovators. DJTF’s Benet Wilson was among the presenters last year, as were staffers from AOL Media, The Washington Post,, NPR, USA Today, Washington Life Magazine and the Pew Internet and American Life Project. The event was created by iStrategyLabs and Tech Cocktail

     Follow the developments involving DC Week as they evolve on Facebook, and on Twitter @dcweek.

     See you there!



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