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Friday Fast Five + Five

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

Yesterday, an article in Forbes magazine noted that Mashable has topped the list of the most influential media outlets, as ranked by Klout, which tracks online influence.  Anyone can go to Klout, type in their Twitter handle and check out their own scores.  Check out the results for NABJDigital here.  But to celebrate Mashable’s achievement, today’s Fast Five will all come from that website — minus the required link from 10000 Words. Enjoy!

  1. 10000 WordsOnline Journalism Tool of the Day: WordCounter
  2. Mashable (here and below) – HOW TO: Make the Most of Your Twitter Profile Page
  3. HOW TO: Start Your Own Internet Talk Show
  4. HOW TO: Create Your Own Customized Short URL
  5. HOW TO: Develop a Branded iPhone App on a Budget
  6. 10 Unique iPhone Photography Accessories
  7. 5 Fresh Places to Find Great Online Video
  8. 6 Ways to Score a Job Through Twitter
  9. 6 Essential Steps for Executing Your Social Media Strategy
  10. 16 Handy iPhone Apps for Better Blogging


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