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CUNY J-Camp Offers NABJ Members Discount For Upcoming Video Training

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

Back on Aug. 31, I did a blog post on the City University of New York’s new J-Camp, created as the newest player in the digital journalism training arena.  CUNY created J-Camp to offer efficient, yet affordable training for journalists, Jeremy Caplan, a visiting professor at CUNY and a contributor to Time magazine, told me at the time.

During that interview, we discussed ways that CUNY and NABJ’s Digital Journalism Task Force could work together on training for members.  The next training being offered is a two-day course in New York City  Jan. 18-19 from 9:30-5:30 called The Digital Journalist.

Journalism is undergoing its greatest revolution since the invention of the printing press, and once again it is being driven by a new technology. Today, small, broadcast quality HD digital video cameras and laptop edit programs are changing almost every aspect of journalism, from newspapers and magazines to television news. Add to that the capacity of the web to ‘broadcast’ full motion video globally for free, and open to everyone; the demands of smart phones and iPads for cheap and plentiful video content and you have some insight into the changes that the world of journalism is about to undergo. In this workshop we are going to look at these new technologies and teach students how to use these new tools to report in an entirely digital world.

This course is will be taught by Michael Rosenblum and Lisa Lambden, who own and run a group of New York-based media companies all based on the VJ-driven model. They have designed and built TV networks and stations all over the world; they have trained more than 20,000 people around the world to work in entirely  new ways. Their clients run the spectrum from The BBC to Conde Nast to various national governments. They currently have training partnerships with The Guardian (UK), New York Magazine, USA Today, and others.

And we’re please to announce that CUNY is offering a 20% discount for the first five NABJ members who register for the $450 course.  More details are here.  I hope you can take advantage of this training!



Home of the National Association of Black Journalists's (NABJ's) Digital Journalism Task Force

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