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What’s On Your Multimedia Christmas List?

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

Editor’s note: the next NABJ Digital Journalism Task Force event will be a BlogTalkRadio show entitled “Making The Transition From Journalism To PR.” Our panelists will share their experiences on making the move and answer questions on how to transfer your skills to the other side.  I hope you can join us on Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time.

The holiday season is upon us.  I recently told my five-year-old daughter that she needed to make a list of things that she wanted for Christmas, with the caveat that she won’t get everything on that list.  That prompted me to start thinking what I’d like on my multimedia Christmas list.  In turn, that made me think what my fellow journalists would like to see in their Christmas stocking or on Kuumba (Creativity) day for Kwaanza.  So below, see the complete list, and I hope you get some great ideas to take your journalism to the next level in 2011!

Benét Wilson, National Association of Black Journalists’ Digital Journalism Task Force co-chair & Online Managing Editor, Aviation Week: I’m hoping Santa brings me a DSLR camera for Christmas. It’s time for me to take my photography to the next level, so I must retire my Fujifilm FinePix S800 (which they no longer sell). DJTF Vice President Serbino Sandifer-Walker brought her Olympus SP-800UZ to the annual conference in San Diego and I could not keep from playing with it.  I also was checking out Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists President Sarah Glover’s Canon Powershot G11 at the recent Online News Association conference.

Khallilah R. Beecham, student, University of Missouri School of Journalism: I’m a full-time journalism student at the Missouri’s School of Journalism and I need PhotoShop and iLife ’11 for my Graphic Design and Marketing classes next semester. I want this because I can’t afford it and it’s top of the line software. That would be thee BEST Christmas Present ever.

Mark S. Luckie, national innovations editor, Washington Post, creator, 10000 Words blog and author, the Digital Journalist’s Handbook: For Christmas this year I want an iPod Nano watch. I already have an iPod video, an iPad and an iPhone but a watch with a touch screen would be awesome. Plus, it’s very Dick Tracy.

Christopher E. Nelson, News Associate, NBC News and Co-Chair, NABJ’s Student Education Enrichment Development Committee: I’d like an iPad for the ability to have paperless notes, do research on the fly, and get both my morning and afternoon reading done. The ability to increase productivity, go green, and simply have less stuff to carry when out and about is a great thing for an enterprising journalist.

Bob Butler, Reporter, KCBS Radio & Vice President Broadcast, NABJ: For Christmas I want Adobe to make a version of the Audition audio editing software for the Mac. Right now I have to use Parallels to run Audition on my Mac. And it’s really slow.

Melanie Eversley, Digital Journalism Task Force treasurer, rewrite reporter for USA Today and freelance writer: I would like a new digital voice recorder to record my interviews because I spilled water on my last one and lost two years worth of interviews for a project (and had not transferred them to my computer). In looking at newer models (which have a lot more storage space, by the way), I see there are some with music players. That’s what I’d want.  And some of the better ones out there include: the Sony ICD-SX700 Digital Voice Recorder ($119,00);  Zoom H4n Handy Portable Digital Recorder ($299.00); or the Olympus WS-331M Digital Voice Recorder and WMA Music Player ($129.00).

Marissa Evans, student, Marquette University and president of Marquette’s student NABJ chapter: I want Adobe CS5 Design Premium. I love InDesign and Illustrator, and I want to keep my skills up. This how can I start a publication one day and have the skills to layout MY vision on MY own!

Bliss Davis, multimedia journalist: Mine probably isn’t too high on anyone else list, but it would be nice to have CS5. I’m a bit spoiled in that I’ve always had it, or even a part of it, at my disposal through school or even a friend who had a program in the suite.

Theresa Crushshon, NABJ member and founder/CEO I am looking forward to receiving CS5 for Christmas. I am really into animation and this is the latest software by Apple.

Sheala Durant, Senior Web Editor, Interactive Media/NEA Academy, National Education Association: I’d like a flat screen television with wi-fi so I can watch Apple TV.



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