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Friday Fast Five + Five – The 10000Words Edition

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

This week I thought I’d switch it up and make this an all-10000 Words edition of Friday Fast Five.  This blog is on the top of my Google Reader, and I’m a HUGE fan of blog creator Mark Luckie.  But since he sold the blog to MediaBistro parent WebMediaBrands on Oct. 5, more writers have been added to the blog, and they bring even more insight to an already-great blog.  So enjoy these picks, along with the rest of your Thanksgiving holiday!

  1. Mark S. Luckie – 5 Things I’ve learned about building a personal brand and why everything you’ve heard is bogus.  I like this post because it has offered me sound advice as I continue to develop my own personal brand (Aviation Queen) as the only woman of color (that I know about) in the aviation journalism business.
  2. Lauren M. Rabaino – Kinetic typography as a storytelling technique.  Early in my career, I took a graduate workshop in typography and my life hasn’t been the same since.  So this demonstration and tutorial on how to use kinetic typography is just another arrow I’ve placed in my multimedia quiver.
  3. Mark S. Luckie – The top 7 technologies that changed modern journalism forever.  I’m pleased to say that I’m very familiar with six of the seven technologies.
  4. Ethan Klapper – Top 5 free Android apps for journalists.  I use a Blackberry Curve for work and an iPhone 4 for personal use. But there’s a growing swell of Android devotees out there, so the blog shows them some love.
  5. Mark S. Luckie – 7 Ways you can improve your Facebook page now.  Most of us have a Facebook account, but they tend to straddle between the professional and personal posts.  I’ve done 4 of the 7 things Mark suggests, but 2011 is the year I tighten up my social media profiles and this will be part of that process.
  6. Chris Dunn – Why – and how – you should update your photojournalism portfolio.  I am NOT a photographer.  But as our newsroom continues in its digital conversion, I bought myself a DSLR digital camera and began shooting away. The result is a professional Flickr account with more than 4,000 aviation-related pictures that have been featured in our magazines and websites. So maybe it’s time for me to create my own photo portfolio.
  7. Chris Dunn – 3 reasons why you should keep a photoblog.  This is the follow-up to the post, above.
  8. Mark S. Luckie – 3 Unique ways to record, edit, and publish your audio.  I’ve played around with AudioBoo (thanks Dr. Syb), but was unfamiliar with the other two suggestions.
  9. Mark S. Luckie – How to avoid creating a snooze-worthy PowerPoint presentation. 2010 was the year I had many speaking engagements dealing with aviation and social media.  This post was a Godsend in helping me spruce up my presentation and make people sit up and take notice!
  10. Mark S. Luckie – The 10 basic web skills every journalist must have.  I actually did an NABJDigital blog post on this topic on Oct. 22.  I was pleased to see I had 8 of the 10 covered.


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