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They March: TSU Students’ Voting Crusade

By Sara Phipps Carr                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sara is a journalism major at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.  She produced this story using an iPhone.

Students of Texas Southern University’s NAACP chapter were out spreading the word on the importance of voting this midterm election. Throughout the campus and nearby neighborhoods, chants of encouragement and excitement filled the air of Houston.

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TSU students in front of voting precinct - Photo By Sara Phipps Carr

The young collegians met at the student center, organized and began the march to the neighborhood voting polls on November 2. NAACP members and TSU students shouted historical chants, held signs to encourage people to vote and reminded everyone of the meaning of Election Day. Once the group made it to the polling booths at Lockhart Elementary, students entered the school and casted their votes.

Election Day, November 2, 2010 was an experience to remember. The midterm election was just as important today as it was for the election of President Barack Obama.


TSU students in front of voting precinct - Photo By Sara Phipps Carr


The energy of the event was contagious. Being a part of the NAACP march was invigorating and inspirational.

I was able to take footage and capture the moments of the NAACP members and student voters during their march. I produced a documentary that captured the importance and the excitement that students brought to the event with my iPhone.

The video and photos show the history, the earlier accomplishments and the power of one vote. The story is told without narration, and students are reminded how important voting is, what a privilege it is, and to remember those who fought for this right.  It was a humbling experience producing this piece, one I shall soon not forget.

TSU students in front of voting precinct - Photo By Sara Phipps Carr



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One thought on “They March: TSU Students’ Voting Crusade

  1. It is so great to see young people getting involved in the democratic process and it is even greater to see it being documented in such a positive way. Way to go Texas Southern U and Sara Phipps Carr!

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