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Friday Fast Five + Five

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

It’s good to be back in the regular routine.  I’m still trying to dig out of my Fast Five folder, so we’re going to do a bonus five again this week.  Enjoy!

  1. 10000 Words3 Underrated but essential skills for journalists.  I was surprised with the list, but Mark Luckie is 100% right!
  2. Mashable6 Crucial Social Media Tips for Traditional Media.  All six are things that traditional journalists are not used to doing (promote your presence??), but the future is now.
  3. Blogging TipsReinventing Yourself and Your Blog. As I work on plans to revamp the NABJDigital blog, I found these tips to be very helpful. We all have to shake it up now and then…
  4. LifehackerUse Multiple Google Calendars to Balance Your College Life. OK, it says college life, but we could all use some help.  With all the things I need to balance in my life (family, work, associations, friends, etc.) this tool has been a lifesaver. Do it now!
  5. Insure.com10 amazing infographics to help you visualize disasters.  We’ve all heard from our newsrooms to use more infographics to illustrate our stories. Here are 10 great examples for inspiration.
  6. GigaOmFreesound Project: Creative Commons Licensed Audio Snippets. Check out this site for almost 100,000 audio snippets when you need a sound effect for an audio project.
  7. Photoline For All9 Tips on How to Learn Digital SLR Photography.  You have the camera. It’s gathering dust on the shelf. Read this, and get started!
  8. PBS Media Shift10 Ways to Make Video a More Interactive Experience.  These are some really good ideas, especially adding a video component to your CoverItLive chat.
  9. Free Technology For Teachers7 Resources for Detecting and Preventing Plagiarism. With content so easily available out there, it’s really easy for anyone to lift your work.  These resources help in the fight.
  10. Pelfusion30 WordPress Based Websites That Don’t Look Like Blogs.  These show the real possibilities of using a free WordPress blog as your website platform.


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