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Friday Fast Five + Five

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

I’m starting to get to the bottom of my Fast Five folder, but I still have more items, so today will be another bonus five-day.  And I’d like to mention that my streak of including at least one 10000 Words entry in each column remains intact.  Enjoy!!

  1. 10000 Words – 3 Underrated but essential skills for journalists. (I can admit to having only 1 of the three)
  2. Smashing Magazine – How To Permanently Delete Your Account on Popular Websites
  3. Lifehacker – How to Record Great Video with Your HD DSLR Camera
  4. Mashable – 10 Beautiful Social Media Infographics
  5. Photojo Store – Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses
  6. Hyperlocal Blogger – TwitZip: Twitter’s Unofficial Hyperlocal News Network
  7. Teaching Journalism Online – Getting started with WordPress
  8. Blogging Tips – Reinventing Yourself and Your Blog
  9. Tech Radar – 50 really useful Android tips and tricks
  10. GigaOm – Freesound Project: Creative Commons Licensed Audio Snippets


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