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Deadline Approaching For Black Weblog Awards Nominations

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

July 25 at midnight is the deadline to submit your nominations for the 2010 Black Weblog Awards. The awards were created by Maurice Cherry, owner of Atlanta-based firm 3eighteen Media.   He created the awards program in 2005  after seeing other Internet award vehicles not recognizing Black bloggers that he knew were doing phenomenal work and had a presence in the blogosphere.

So far, Cherry says, he’s received more than 10,000 nominations, and is experiencing its highestt web traffic ever (it usually triples or quadruples every year).  “I think the new website design and increased presence on social media networks has helped out with that a lot,” he says.  “This year, we also brought on a sponsorship director and an intern to help us do more with the tools we currently have, as well as seek out sponsorship dollars that we desperately need to keep the awards going and growing.”

Finalists will be announced on August 1, says Cherry.  “Winners are announced now on September 1. We have also kicked off a pledge campaign via Kickstarter to raise money for the 2011 Black Weblog Awards to finally have a live ceremony,” he says.  “We’re fortunate that the strategic partnerships we’ve made have helped us get one step closer to making this a reality.”

Below are my choices for blogs worthy to be nominated:



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