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NABJDigital Asks: Why Are You Going To Next Month’s NABJ Annual Conference?

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

As the countdown continues for the June 15 deadline for pre-registration for the National Association of Black Journalists’ annual convention in San Diego July 26-Aug. 1, I wanted to poll members to see why they’re coming. NABJ has been busy offering up its top 10 reasons on why members should attend, but I wanted to hear directly from the membership, so here goes!

I’m attending this year’s NABJ conference because I want to see what my colleagues have been working on in the past year and what exciting developments are happening in the future. Plus, you can’t beat the San Diego sunshine.
Mark S. Luckie

The reason that I am going to San Diego is because I believe that we need organizations such as NABJ more than ever now and the collaborative and familial spirit that it represents. There are those of us who have had to knuckle down for years and make the commitment of time, money and resources to attend the conference, but the return on the investment in terms of the people you meet, information you gain and next generation you inspire is invaluable.  I stand on the shoulders of other pioneers who made sacrifices so the road would be smoother for me and have always felt obligated to do the same for those coming behind me. Many of the pioneers – a number of them I considered mentors, colleagues, friends and most important family – are now gone, but there message and mission must live on and someone needs to be there to tell it.
Meta J. Mereday
Editor at Large
Savoy Magazine

I am going to the NABJ Conference to make contacts of course and to gain better insight into the Arts and Entertainment industry.
Olivia Sanders
CUNY Grad Student ’11

I used to go to NABJ because I was interested in finding work. Now I go because I’m interested in giving back to students and also to surround myself around people who are as passionate about the work they do as I am.
Brandon Gillespie
Howard University Grad Student ‘11

I’m going to NABJ this year to help mentor NABJ’s next generation under the student projects program.  I also get the added benefit of connecting with my peers.
Christopher Nelson

Aside from being an invited speaker, I am excited to go to San Diego to fellowship with other NABJ members. Some in this organization have become second family to me, and our annual “family reunion” is necessary to support, motivate and enable one another to thrive and survive. A summer without NABJ just seems… wrong.

Kiara Pesante
Graduate Student, Howard University

I’m going to NABJ because I’m a part of the student multimedia project, but also for the journalism experience and the lessons.
Briana Barner
Bennett College for Women

I’m excited for the NABJ convention because it’s my first one and it’s in my hometown! and im president of Marquette Uuniversity’s NABJ chapter.
Marissa Evans
Marquette University
President, NABJ Marquette Chapter

In one sentence: to get a job. But really, it’s to help myself, help others and have a mini reunion with the NABJ family.
Vanessa Deggins
Reporter, The American Press
News Reporter/Anchor/Writer, KYKZ 96 and KAOK-AM 1400

I am excited about this year’s convention.  I want to take full advantage of all the hands-on training opportunities that will help us improve our skills and remain competitive in the market place.  I also look forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  And despite being from California, I’ve never been to San Diego!
Benét J. Wilson
Digital Journalism Task Force co-chair
Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group



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