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Nominations For The Black Weblog Awards Open June 1

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

Back on April 14, I did a two-part interview with Atlanta media entrepreneur Maurice Cherry.  Part one of the interview was on his creation of the Black Weblog Awards.  Now nominations for this year’s awards will open on June 1 and close July 25.

The award has 35 categories, so there are plenty of opportunities to find someone to nominate.  Have you been blogging consistently since Jan. 1, 2005? Then enter yourself for the Aaron Hawkins Award, which is chosen by a panel of judges.  Other categories include blog design, blog post series, cooking or food blog, fashion/beauty, group, micro, new blog, political/news, sports and travel, to name a few.  There’s also the Blog of the Year and Blog to Watch.

Allow me to indulge and call out some people I think should consider — strongly — submitting their own blogs for awards this year.  They are:

I hope you will all support these worthy awards that recognize the writing from people of color.  Did I miss any blogs? Let me know.


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6 thoughts on “Nominations For The Black Weblog Awards Open June 1

  1. Thanks for posting about the BWAs! I did want to clarify one thing — the Aaron Hawkins Award is only selected by the judging panel; it’s not open for the public. However, the rest of the 34 categories are!

  2. Fly and Black Web 2.0 are my picks. Clutch is not a blog though it’s an lifestyle e-zine. Just because someone is able to leave comments doesn’t make them a blog. The are an online mag and deserve the title as one since they are much more than a blog and runs as a mag. Clutch stan here sorry!

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