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NABJDigital BlogTalkRadio Chat With Sree Sreenivasan

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

We were honored to host Sree Sreenivasan, dean of student affairs & a professor at Columbia University’s journalism school.  Sree is a very popular speaker and offered a truncated version of his Social Media for Journalists talk, a talk that literally changed the way I work.

Sree  is  a noted expert on how journalists can use social media and other technology tools to work smarter — and harder.  You can follow him here.  To listen to last night’s chat, click here.  And below are the links Sree mentioned in his talk.

*** (02:52:18):Welcome to the NABJDigital Chat Room.

Here’s a link to where Sree will be speaking through the end of 2010 –

Sorry – that address is

NABJDigital says (03:14:51): is the Wall Street Journal of social media. They cover the beat very well. RSS feed here-

NABJDigital says (03:15:42): You can list yourself by beat, sources

NABJDigital says (03:20:41):

ColumbiaJournalism says to  (03:29:36):

ColumbiaJournalism says to  (03:35:24):
Twitter myths:

ColumbiaJournalism says to  (03:41:03):

NABJDigital says (03:41:56):
Great article on MediaPost blog today: 25 Signs Your Social Media Guru is a Hack

ColumbiaJournalism says to  (03:43:46):

NABJDigital says (03:52:24):
And here’s the link to all the stuff we’ve covered about Twitter on our NABJDigital blog:

ColumbiaJournalism says to  (03:58:13):
My syllabus: and my socmedia tips:



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