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iPad: To Buy, Or Not To Buy? That Is The Question

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

As Apple prepares to ship out the first iPads, my work and NABJDigital Twitter followers  have been discussing whether or not to order their own.  I love to have the latest tech toys, but I’m just not feeling it for the iPad quite yet.  I have an iPod Touch, a Blackberry Curve and a Dell laptop.  I’m just not seeing how an iPad would fit into my life right now.  And $629 for a 16GB iPad with 3G wi-fi access is a bit steep for my pocketbook.

But if you’re still thinking about getting one, there is help.  Thanks to Mark Luckie of the 10000 Words blog for passing along a column from Wired magazine’s GeekDad blog, which has a cool flow chart that walks you through the process of whether or not you need to buy an iPad.  If you get one, drop us a line — we’d love to write about how you’re using it!



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One thought on “iPad: To Buy, Or Not To Buy? That Is The Question

  1. Apple Guru and co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs described the device as ‘magic’ (many times in his recent unveiling). Many now agree with the feel of an iPhone but 4 times larger there is a comfortable feel about the device. Using it, the screen almost seems 3D, due to the video card built into the device.

    Some like the iPad considering it unique to computing others do not see the point of it.

    In my case I wanted a device (Apple or PC), that I could listen to audio books, read books and pdfs, and listen to media especially videos (podcasts and movies) and of course games whilst being mobile on public transport, airports or even at work not wanting to be in violation of internal internet issues. The iPhone is great but bigger in this case is definitely better.

    So for some the iPad is just a device 3-4 times bigger than an iPhone or an iPod Touch. As the iPad doesn’t make std. phone calls even with 3 . However, you can Skype and make phone calls Wi-Fi or 3G aspects

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