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Technology And News Headlines – Wednesday, 3/17/2010

By Andrew Humphrey, CBM
Founder & Co-Chair, NABJ’s Digital Journalism Task Force

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Yahoo! 2 Buy Sports Site
Source: The Wall Street Journal
Author: Kara Swisher

According to numerous sources inside and outside the company, Yahoo is poised to slam dunk–I apologize, but sports puns are so easy–an acquisition of an online sports site this week. And, predicted several of those sources, it is most likely to be San Francisco-based Citizen Sports, a maker of…

Comcast Buys Blog Site
Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer
Author: Michael Klein

The Philly-centric sports blog “” has gone corporate. Comcast SportsNet yesterday said it had acquired the five-year-old site and hired founder Enrico Campitelli Jr. and awarded contracts to…

Mobile Apps’ Sales Rise
Source: BBC News
Author: Maggie Shiels
The global appetite for mobile applications will explode over the next two years, new research suggests. A study done for…

More On B-More Wanting Google Fiber
Source: The Baltimore Sun
Author: Gus G. Sentementes

Using a bus billboard campaign, a coalition of 20 churches, labor groups and community organizations is trying to pressure Verizon Maryland to bring its next-generation, high-speed Internet service to Baltimore…

Facebook Beats Google
Source: The Detroit Free Press
Author: Mark W. Smith

The online battle between search engines and social networks as aggregators of news and information hit a new milestone last week, with Facebook becoming the most-visited Web site in the U.S. — topping search giant Google for…

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