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Technology And News Headlines – Monday, 3/15/2010

From Andrew Humphrey, CBM
Founder & Co-Chair, NABJ’s Digital Journalism Task Force

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“.com” Is 25 Years Old
Source: BBC News | Author: Maggie Shiels
The internet celebrates a landmark event on the 15 March – the 25th birthday of the day the first dotcom name was registered. In March 1985, Symbolics computers of Cambridge, Massachusetts entered the history books with an internet address ending in dotcom. That same year…
Broadcast Show Premieres Online B4 TV
Source: The New York Times | Author: Elizabeth Jensen
PBS’s “American Experience” has sent its documentary “Earth Days” on a film festival and 40-city theatrical tour for the last year, before its television broadcast in April. Now the 102-minute film about the origins of the American environmental movement, from director Robert Stone, is planning for another outlet, a presentation on the social networking site Facebook. Users will be able to watch communally and interact with the filmmaker and the “American Experience” executive producer Mark Samels in real time. The April 11 event, eight days ahead of the film’s television broadcast on April 19, will be the first time a major broadcaster has introduced a full-length documentary on the site, according to…
Baltimore Wants Google Fiber
Source: The Baltimore Sun | Author: Gus G. Sentementes
Mayor Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake turned Thursday to civic leaders and athletic apparel maker Under Armour Inc. for help in luring a high-profile Google pilot project to Baltimore. She also appointed a “Google Czar” to spearhead the effort. Baltimore is one of many municipalities vying for Google’s attention. The Mountain View, Calif., company recently launched a project called Google Fiber for Communities and plans to develop ultra-high-speed broadband networks in one or more locations across the nation. Rawlings-Blake said the Greater Baltimore Committee, a group of more than 500 businesses and nonprofits, and the Economic Alliance of Baltimore, the region’s main marketing organization, will…
The Van Gogh Blog
Source: AP Via The Detroit Free Press
One of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous paintings, “The Bedroom,” has been taken away for restoration, but art lovers don’t have to miss it. They can follow the cleanup on a blog on the Van Gogh Museum’s Web site. The 1888 painting of Van Gogh’s room in the French city of Arles, with its brilliant lavender walls and pine-colored bed, was one of the artist’s favorite works. Museum spokeswoman Natalie Bos said…
Web News Readers View 5 Or Less
Source: The New York Times
The audience for news online tends not to stick to a single site — that much has been known for years. But a new study says that even with a vast array of digital choices, “promiscuous” news consumption goes only so far. Only 35 percent of the people who go online for news have a favorite site, and just 21 percent are more or less “monogamous,” relying primarily on a single Internet news source, according to a survey by…


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