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Global is the New Local (Part 2): Using Live Streaming, Social Media & Email So Ur Local Stories R Viewed Globally

By Andrew Humphrey, CBM
Founder & Co-Chair, DJTF

I was recently invited to speak with Columbia University journalism students by my good friend, Dean Of Student Affairs and Professor Sree Sreenivasan.  I accepted and spoke with the budding broadcasters and scribes in New York City.

Pictures were taken and after returning to Detroit, I wanted to show them and say “hi” to future storytellers and acknowledge their educational efforts live on television.  How would I do this in The Motor City and have them watch simultaneously from The Big Apple?  The answer was live streaming.

On a following morning, during my weathercast’s  finale, I showed the pictures of the future Columbia grads on WDIV-TV.  Since we live stream all of our newscasts, the photos were seen on, also.

However, the work of informing the students and my audience took place before my broadcast.  I had to inform Sree and his students that their pictures would be seen in Detroit and around the world so they could eventually watch it live.  So, I emailed and used social media (Facebook and Twitter) to advertise their upcoming 15 seconds of fame.

15 seconds actually turned into forever because of this blog and YouTube.  On the web, the future journalists and everyone can see everything after my broadcast.  Here is a video of it:

Live streaming and these digital tools of communication empower you to increase your story’s (or any activity’s) viewership from local to global.  Whether the live streamed or video archived story is good or bad, when you want your sources or subjects to witness the final product, make the time to do these three easy steps:

  1. Collect their contact information, especially email addresses
  2. Contact them and/or invite them to join you on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media outlet
  3. Send the “when” and “where” message that their story/sharing of experiences is available online

Storytellers share information to people to help them in informative and entertaining ways.  The more people journalists can touch, the greater opportunity to help.



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One thought on “Global is the New Local (Part 2): Using Live Streaming, Social Media & Email So Ur Local Stories R Viewed Globally

  1. Andrew,

    I can tell you first hand Global is the New Local. As an insurance agent I am marketing myself across the State of Michigan using social media. I’ve made connections via online networking that would never have been possible 10 years ago.

    Not only is social media a powerful tool in networking but you can also get your message out to the masses. I use social media to distribute my blog, such as you did on facebook and my weekly newsletter promoting Michigan Businesses through the Michigan Business Networking Group on Facebook and Linked in.

    Those that are not using social media are going to be left behind.

    Ron Dwyer

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