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From Blog to Book-How It’s Done

I am always reading about people who have turned their blogs into books. Back in the day, I used to really enjoy a blog called The Broke Diaries. Blogger Angela Nissel would post about her time as a student at the University of Pennsylvania, giving out tips and tricks and travails of living and surviving the broke life. I wasn’t the only one reading her blog. Nissel managed to parlay her blog into a book deal and TV and film rights.

NABJDigital favorite Mark Luckie, a multimedia producer for California Watch and owner of the 10000 Words blog, has taken the wisdom of his blog and just released The Digital Journalist’s Handbook (I have my copy-do you have yours?).

The Mashable blog outlines how six bloggers turned their sites into book deals, including:  Fail Blog, which documents moments of failure in pictures and video;  Twitter Wit, a collection of Twitter’s wittiest tweets; Escape from Cubicle Nation,  about breaking away from that 9-to-5 and pursuing entrepreneurial dreams; 1,001 Rules for my Unborn SonF.U., Penguin, where cute animals are put in their place;  and This Is Why You’re Fat, which shows pictures and recipes of gastronomical disasters.  The Brain Pickings blog has its own post on bloggers-turned-authors here.

Some of these people languished in obscurity for years before their blogs generated enough critical mass to catch the attention of book editors, who are always desperately searching for the next big thing in the way of authors.  Do you have a blog?  Are you turning that blog into a book or do you see a book possibility?  Tell us about it!



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