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Twitter 101 for Journalists-More than Just What I Ate For Breakfast

The National Association of Black Journalists’ Digital Journalism Task Force, in conjunction with the NABJ Media Institute, will hold its very first media training — Twitter 101 – on Tuesday, Feb. 23 from noon to 1L00 p.m. Using CoverItLive, this hour-long session with DJTF co-chair Benet Wilson will show why you should use Twitter as a tool in your everyday reporting.

Join DJTF co-chair Benet Wilson as she offers up tips, tricks and techniques that will help you become a Twitter pro. Learn how to:

• Ways to use Twitter;
• How to set up an account;
• Attract and add quality followers; and
• Download tools to manage your account

Click the link below to join us on Tuesday!

The Digital Journalism Task Force DJTF’s mission is to serve NABJ and its membership by: keeping NABJ members on the cutting edge when it comes to knowledge of the latest devices and communication systems; staying ahead of the educational curve with Webinars, forums with experts and product reviews to analyze the newest inventions and to predict their future impact on journalism; and assisting NABJ members to adapt and to become efficient, effective workers or entrepreneurs.

The NABJ Media Institute offers professional development opportunities, technical training, historical documentation, educational programming, conferences, workshops, entrepreneurial guidance as well as Web seminars which consist of quality content and provide resources for journalists of color.

Twitter 101 for Journalists-More than Just What I Ate For Breakfast



Home of the National Association of Black Journalists's (NABJ's) Digital Journalism Task Force

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