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Friday Fast Five

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

Being trapped inside the house this week because of snowmageddon gave me a lot of time to do some research on the latest digital/new media tips, tricks and trends.  And because I have to empty my Fast Five folder, you get 10 items this week.  Enjoy!

  1. My favorite, 10000 Words blog, shows us 5 Cool and unexpected uses of Google Street View.   I bet I could have made some cool maps tracking the snow!
  2. The NABJ Digital Journalism Task Force will be holding a Webinar on Twitter for Journalists later this month. But until then, the Penn Olson blog gives us 14 Cool Things People Do On Twitter.
  3. Here’s one for my iPhone/iPod Touch users from CyberJournalist:  10 great news applications for iPhones.
  4. Here’s some good news from the Mashable blog for those on Twitter and have a WordPress blog:  HootSuite Now Lets You Update Your WordPress Blog.
  5. Still dipping your toes in the social media pool? The Social Media Today offers up 10 Ways to Get Serious About Social Media.
  6. discusses How To Turn Journalists Into Profit Centers .
  7. I am always looking for that perfect combination of chargers so I don’t have to carry so many.  The Chip Chick blog reviews the Macally PowerGo 3 3-in-1 Battery Charger for Mac users.
  8. I met Conversation Agent blogger Valeria Maltoni at the 2007 BlogPhiladelphia unconference when we were sharing my power outlet strip.  She has a great post on 5 Sources of Thinking on New Journalism.
  9. The Innovative Interactivity blog discusses Transitioning from photography to multimedia.
  10. The Oatmeal blog tells us How to Use a Semi-Colon: The Most Feared Punctuation on Earth.


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