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Pssst-Wanna Build Your Own News Site?

By Benét J. Wilson, DJTF co-chair,

Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation, Aviation Week Group

There are those of us who like working for a news organization, despite the pessimistic outlook for the industry of journalism.  And then there are those who are just fed up with the pay cuts, furloughs and overall uncertainty that comes with staying with some news organizations.  Those people decide to strike out on their own.  And there are plenty of sites out there ready to help.

First up, the j-learning web site has a post called Newspaper in a Box, written by Mark Briggs, the author of Journalism 2.0.   Briggs walks you through the four major steps — Plan It, Build It, Present It and Promote It.   The good news is that most of the tools he suggests are either low-cost or free.

The Knight Digital Media Center’s Online Journalism Review blog offers up a checklist for students and mid-career beginnings.  Writer Robert Miles advises that those starting out use a blog as a platform, and recommends Blogger or WordPress.   He also offers advice for everything from creating a promotional channel to developing a rate card.

So you need some money to get this venture off the ground?  And would you like to see examples of what’s already being done out there?  Then check out the Knight Citizen News Network blog.  Under its New Media Makers Toolkit, you can download a PDF file with the complete tool kit.  It offers a DVD, funding sources and examples of established sites, including Voice of San Diego and PlanPhilly.

And last, but not least, the Zombie Journalism blog has a great post on the New Media How-to Roundup.  She offers tips and links to several sites, including using Tumblr or Posterous to tell narrative stories, a how-to on using maps from my favorite — the 10000 Words blog — and a Mashable primer on how to use Twitter.

Have you left the world of corporate journalism and do you plan or have you already started your own news web site?  Drop me an email at regaviationqueen AT yahoo DOT COM.  I’d love to do a story on what you’ve done.



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One thought on “Pssst-Wanna Build Your Own News Site?

  1. It’s amazing how we are so connected in this world and geographic location has little to do with it. Basically, this article hits me personally. As an Black citizen of these United States I and of course millions have felt the sting of hearing our stories being told, sold and controlled by BIG MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

    Well the internet has delivered a means for the disenfranchise, the voiceless to mount the charge of telling our stories as we see it and live it.

    Whether one is a blogger or a self-syndicated-news source with a band of a few brothers and sister pulling together. This article is a confirmation that the old system is crumbling and new sources of news and insight is blanketing the land. Bravo!

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